Why do we so often feel the need to control everything around us? We force everything into these neat patterns, straight lines, low-profile colors. We make our lives predictable and safe and our clothes reflect that. But in this process we also loose those exceptional moments of amazement and thrill. Life's best rewards require some risk. Not stupid, pointless risk, but some risk nonetheless.

Through my clothes and accessories, I want to take you on a journey, to enable a more daring side of you. A vibrant, colorful and unique human being that should not look like an automaton out of some big label factory.

I love nature's untamed shapes and my biologist background is one of the main influences that I bring into my craft. Most of my items are very organic, not only in the way they look but also in how they fit. They will adapt to you body and sometimes they can change shape depending on your mood. Some vests are usable in reverse and short or long. Some collars can be set more cylindrical, almost like a half mask, or more flat over the shoulders. You need to get to know your item and develop a symbiosis with it. You will be part of the creative process.

When you put on one of my items, the spotlight is on you. At first, it may scare you a little but soon you find out just how much you have been missing out and get used to the jaws dropping and the sound of men crashing into the nearest lamp post. Hue and me, we are going to make some heads turn!


Inês Silva